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Why the news media have moved on from Aaron Alexis and the Navy Yard shooting


The Washington Post's Paul Farhi has a piece asserting that the collective news media has by and large moved on from covering the Navy Yard shootings that took place this week. It mostly boils down to the victims being unmemorable, unlike the children of Sandy Hook or the "promising young lives" of Virginia Tech.

But then there's this regarding the now-dead shooter, 36-year-old Aaron Alexis:

He was also African American, and this apparently matters, says eminent criminologist James Alan Fox. “It’s not nice to say it, but white America tends to be more intrigued about the minds and motives of white murderers,” said Fox, who is a professor at Northeastern University. “There have been black [mass shooters], but it’s hard to remember who they are. The D.C. sniper is an exception.”

Is white America less interested in mass shootings with black perpetrators? Or is just some of white America (the news media) less interested?

Fair question (so says me, who posed it).


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