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See the Vicious Punch That Got a College Football Player Thrown Out of a Game


"That can't ever happen."

(Source: YouTube screen shot)

Isaiah Battle may have gotten confused regarding what sport he was playing Thursday night. That's because the giant Clemson lineman delivered a massive upper cut to the head of North Carolina State's Jarvis Byrd that would have made Mike Tyson blush.

During the final minutes of the game between the the two teams, Battle apparently got upset with something either Byrd did or was saying. That's when he turned to him, wound up, and delivered the blow that knocked Byrd to the ground.

(Source: YouTube screen shot)

Not surprisingly, Battle was ejected.

Here's how it unfolded on TV:

"Very disappointed in Isaiah Battle," Coach Dabo Swinney said after the game. "That can't ever happen. Really, really disappointed. That's not Clemson. That's a lesson for every one of those guys in there, something we talked a lot about in the locker room."

But according to Swinney, Battle did try and make up for it.

"He took ownership," he said. "He apologized immediately and he apologized to the team."

Still, as Deadspin put it: "You can tell he's smart because he punched the guy who was wearing a helmet."

Clemson won 26-14.

(H/T: Yahoo)

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