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Pundit Tackles Idea of 'Virtual Morality' in Powerful Video After Students Defend Violence & Rape in Video Games


"Is there such a thing as virtual morality?"

A conservative pundit for a college news outlet questioned whether there is such a thing as "virtual reality," in a new video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday.

"Is there such a thing as virtual morality?" Caleb Bonham, host of Campus Reform's "Crossover," asked. "Where is that line drawn?"

Watch the video below, courtesy of Campus Reform:

In the video, Bonham interviews multiple students who appear to dismiss the idea, arguing instead that committing crimes online is okay because it is just a "fantasy."

"We should be allowed to rape girls in Grand Theft Auto," one student at the University of Colorado told Bonham.

Another student dismissed the violence against officers "because they are not real cops."

Bonham told TheBlaze on Sunday he was inspired to tackle the subject after he was surprised to learn some online gamers are okay with these themes in video games.

According to him, "there is such a thing as virtual morality."

"Our world is becoming increasingly reliant upon technology and virtual reality," Bonham concludes. "Where do you draw your line?"

(H/T: Campus Reform)

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