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Michelle Malkin loses her health insurance to Obamacare

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Conservative author, entrepreneur and mother Michelle Malkin works hard to take care of her family, including navigating the difficulties of health insurance for the self-employed. But as so many Americans are finding out these days, the hassles of health insurance are nothing compared to the destruction of Obamacare.

(Image: Michelle Malkin)

Malkin writes today about her own personal experience with Obamacare: "Obama lied. My health plan died."

Last week, our family received notice from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado that we can no longer keep the plan we like because of “changes from health care reform (also called the Affordable Care Act or ACA).” The letter informed us that “to meet the requirements of the new laws, your current plan can no longer be continued beyond your 2014 renewal date.” [...]

This isn’t just partisan business. It’s personal. Our cancellation letter states that Anthem is “not going to be selling new individual PPO plans.” When we asked whether we could keep our children’s doctors, an agent for Anthem told my husband and me that she didn’t know. The insurer has no details available yet on what exactly they’ll be offering. We either will be herded into the Obamacare federal health-insurance-exchange regime (launching October 1), a severely limited HMO plan, or we’ll be presented with costlier alternatives from another insurer. If they even exist.

My family is not alone. Across the country, insurers are sending out Obamacare-induced health-plan death notices to untold tens of thousands of other customers in the individual market...

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