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You're Not Among the 15 Percent of Americans Who Don't Do This -- We Guarantee It


NEW YORK (TheBlaze/AP) — If you're reading this article on TheBlaze, we can pretty much guarantee you're not among a small percentage of Americans who say they don't ever use the Internet (on the off chance you are reading this article from a piece of paper someone printed for you, you might count yourself as part of this minority).

A new survey found that some 15 percent of Americans — about one in seven — don't use the Internet at all. Most of them prefer it that way.

The study released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project also found that another 9 percent of U.S. adults only use the Internet when they are not at home. The report says adults with lower levels of income and education, as well as blacks and Hispanics, are significantly more likely to rely on Internet access outside of their home.

why adults don't use internet Reasons why some adults don't use the Internet. (Image source: Pew Research Center)

Of the people who don't go online, only 8 percent want to, citing a lack of access or cost as keeping them from connecting. The rest (92 percent) said they are just not interested.

The survey also found 63 percent of non-Internet users believed they would need help getting online if they ever wanted to.

This is not to say that these people are not obtaining information found online just because they don't use the Internet. The study reported 44 percent of them have "asked a friend or family member to look something up or complete a task on the Internet for them."

percentage of adults using the internet Percentage of adults using the Internet over time. (Image source: Pew Research Center)

Nearly everyone who goes online has broadband access, the report said. Only 3 percent of those surveyed access the Internet via a dial-up connection.

Read more about the study on Pew's website.

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