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Truly Amazing': Here's What Ended Up Happening With Kirk Cameron's New Movie About God, Suffering and the Bible


"Things went great last night."

Photo Credit: Kirk Cameron

Actor and producer Kirk Cameron's one-night only showing of "Unstoppable" lived up to its name earlier this week when the documentary, which was shown in 700 theaters across the nation, brought in a stunning $2 million in sales.

When the numbers are officially in and solidified, the film will likely rank first or second for Tuesday night revenue, either beating -- or coming close to -- Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie, "Prisoner."

By all accounts, the faith-based documentary was a major success. And Cameron excitedly conveyed this sentiment to TheBlaze this week.

"Things went great last night," he told us on Wed. morning. "It was truly an amazing evening."

Photo Credit: Kirk Cameron

Accompanying the film was a live simulcast shown at all 700 theaters during which the producer, who appeared from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., addressed the film's central themes -- pain, suffering and God's love for mankind. Ten thousand university students were also on-site to watch the film along with Cameron.

Last month, TheBlaze delved deep into "Unstoppable's" plot, which tackles one of the life's most frequently asked questions: “Why does God let bad things happen to good people?”

“Thematically, [the new project] is a movie about faith, hope and love and we can see that playing out in ‘Monumental’ in the formation of this great nation we live in,” Cameron said at the time, going on to note that his new movie offers a very personal look at God’s role in human beings’ lives as it relates to tragedy and suffering.

Starting from the Garden of Eden, he takes viewers through Biblical history to explore these important themes and to show that God has his hand in and on each and every historical and contemporary scenario.

A screen shot from Kirk Cameron's "Unstoppable" trailer (Photo Credit: Kirk Cameron)

"Ive got Adam, Eve and the serpent, Noah and the flood … juxtaposed against a very personal story of my 15-year-old friend Matthew,” he explained.

Cameron told TheBlaze about the young man who died from cancer this year, describing him as a “friend” and letting us know that he is central to the film's message. The actor attended Matthew’s funeral in Bison, S.D., when he passed away, and he watched as the boy’s casket was lowered into the ground.

The pain that the loss of a such a young life caused was so profound, Cameron decided to put it at the center of "Unstoppable," abandoning previous plans to travel through Europe with a slightly different story line (you can read more about the film and our interview with Cameron here).

Watch the film's trailer, below:

These themes in mind, the demand for "Unstoppable" was immense, with more than 150,000 tickets sold across America. It was so popular, in fact, that the showing, which was planned to be one-night only, is coming back to theaters for an encore presentation on Oct. 3.

This time, it will appear in 660 theaters, with some of these locations already selling out, according to a press release. You can find additional details on the film's website.

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