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10-Year-Old Sends Letter to News Station Explaining He Wants to Be the 'Legs' of God -- When You Hear How, You May Just Cry


"My pastor said we have to be God's hands and feet but I'm going to be his legs."

Tobias Bass has some mighty big dreams for a 10-year-old.

You might assume that this Edmond, Okla., football player and jiu-jitsu practitioner since the age of 5 might have designs on an athletic career.

Image source: KWTV

Yet despite his shelf full of trophies and ribbons, Tobias wants to be a pastor when he grows up. In fact, he told KWTV he wants to be a pastor for soldiers and minister to those dying on the front lines.

But for the time being, Tobias has one special person he's ministering to.

His big brother Titus, 11, has cerebral palsy. Titus can't walk, hear or eat. In a moving, three-page handwritten letter to KWTV, Tobias said Titus "cries when he sees people outside" because he knows he can't join them to run and play and enjoy the fresh air.

Image source: KWTV

So after hearing his church pastor say that "we have to be God's hands and feet," Tobias wrote in his letter that "I'm going to be his legs."

Tobias decided he and Titus would take part in a 5K race in Oklahoma City -- with Tobias pushing Titus in a stroller.

[sharequote align="center"]"My pastor said we have to be God's hands and feet but I'm going to be his legs."[/sharequote]

Tobias told KWTV he's been training for the event by running two miles pushing an empty infant stroller. Except he's been concerned that Titus wouldn't fit well, and their hardworking single mother — a teacher — can't budget for a different stroller.

Tobias Bass, 10, wrote a three-page letter to an Oklahoma news station asking for help acquiring a stroller to push his 11-year-old brother with cerebral palsy in a race. (Image source: KWTV)

So in his letter to KWTV, Tobias is asking for help: "Can you go on the news and not ask Oklahomans to give me anything but to loan me a jogger pusher so I can push Titus in the 5K?"

"If someone can loan me a pusher I will volunteer myself out to any other parents who want me to run their disabled children in a 5K. I can be the legs for more than one kid," he wrote.

News anchors Kelly Ogle and Amanda Taylor contacted Oklahoma Able Tech, which delivered a jogging stroller to Tobias and Titus Thursday so they can run in Friday's race.

And it's one they can keep.

Image source: KWTV

"Tobias is one of my favorite kids in the world," pastor Craig Groeschel of Life Church — whom Tobias calls a "mentor" in his letter and whose biblical mandate inspired him to write it — tells TheBlaze. "He is already making a big difference in the lives of many people, and I am confident he will continue to do so."

Friday's race will be Tobias' first time running 3.1 miles, but as he told KWTV, "I'm just gonna believe in God and just let him take over so I can just try my hardest."

After all, as his letter states, Tobias wants to eventually enter an "Iron Man contest someday" with Titus.

They're well on their way.

Here's the moving report from KWTV:

Featured image via KWTV.




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