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Bill O'Reilly Has a Very Unique Idea on How to Avert a Gov't Shutdown


"Just tie him up so they can't hear him."

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly on Monday gave this insight into how to avert a government shutdown: Consider tying Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to a tree.

"Here's what should happen," O'Reilly began. "They extend the funding for a month, they talk it over. It's a mess -- Obamacare's a mess -- supposed to be implemented tomorrow. So when you have a mess, let's come back a little bit."

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"So what I would do would say [is], 'This is a fair compromise. Anyone who wants to sign up for the exchanges beginning tomorrow, can...If you don't want to, you don't have to,'" he continued. "We're going to give you a year to smooth things out; so it's an optional thing."

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer said that sounded "rational" enough, but while that Republicans in the House of Representatives may be convinced, Democrats in the Senate are eager to fully implement the new health care law.

"Because they want to play politics," O'Reilly responded, jokingly adding: "I think if somebody kidnaps Harry Reid, ties him to a tree in Nevada way out in the desert -- don't hurt him, don't hurt him -- just tie him up so they can't hear him. I think the other Democrats would then say, 'Okay, look -- we've got some problems. Let's iron the problems out, give people a year, and then we'll revisit it next year...'"

"If it's a success people will want it," O'Reilly summarized. "If people can save money and get a good [doctor], they're going to sign up, right?"

Hemmer also asked O'Reilly if he really understands how Obamacare is supposed to function, saying he himself reads "articles every day and I'm still confused."

O'Reilly said the problem is that Hemmer is reading articles.

"I actually talk to the doctors, here's how it works," O'Reilly said. "You sign up for an insurance exchange. You've got four levels of care, depending on your income. But here's what falls apart -- you don't have to verify your income...so you can lie. That's number one - fraud city."

"But anyway, you're supposed to sign up and if you make a certain amount of money, you pay a certain amount, and a private insurance company picks it up.  AETNA says we don't want any part of it, so they've already bailed out -- more chaos," he continued. "If you go below a certain amount of salary, like $75,000, the government gives you money to buy the plan..."

Hemmer interjected: "But there are subsidies built into this thing, there are deductibles built in..."

Bottom line, O'Reilly concluded: "What it is, is a huge entitlement for poor people, because they get free healthcare, government picks up 100 percent. And for people making [$75,000], they get a little bit of a supplement.  That's what it is, Hemmer."

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