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#ShareTheShutdown: 'I'm just gonna pray and pray and pray...

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Leslie T. from Oregon writes:

For the past couple of months my husband and I have been planning our first vacation in 5 1/2 years.

This is actually our first vacation alone ever! We've gone away for a few days, a few times, but never a full weekend through weekend vacation. The kids were always in tow.

We've been married almost 23 years, so it may seem odd to some that we've never gone away from our kids for a vacation. We just didn't do things that way. Our children are OUR children and we took them everywhere we went. That's just how we raised our family. We just couldn't imagine going without them.

Now, finally, after all this time and the kids are grown (and my husband actually gets paid vacation, first time in our marriage) we get to go on our own. The kids were even excited for us.

Now is where it gets sad...

We planned our trip for Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. Three nights at Yellowstone and 2 at Glacier. The cabin accommodations have already been paid for. We're waiting to hear back from the owners as to whether we'll be getting a refund if the shut down continues...we'll be losing $850 if they refuse. I'm praying, if the shutdown continues (we were scheduled to arrive at Yellowstone this Sunday) that the owners will understand.

I'm so upset as we were REALLY looking forward to this! We had purchased hiking boots, 2 cans of bear spray, 2 pairs of compact binoculars, trekking poles for myself (he wouldn't be seen with those!) We even bought a canopy off of Craig's List so the backseat of our pickup wouldn't be so full of travel gear. I started filling bins with our stuff and making lists to check and recheck.

Now what! That's all I can say as I sit here crying. Now what! My husband works so hard...he deserves this vacation!

I'm just gonna pray and pray and pray that those "darn" congressmen come to an agreement and GET RID OF OBAMACARE! At least I hope they cut it off at the knees for a start!

I suppose our vacation is just a sacrifice for the cause...and a cause that's well worth sacrifice! OBAMACARE needs to be stopped! As does this out of control president!

After all, I realize there are so many folks out there that have it a lot worse than we do. Mostly due to his policies.

That doesn't stop the tears of concern, though, that this vacation isn't gonna happen. After all this waiting, planning, preparing....

Thanks for letting me vent! I really needed to get this off of my chest! Maybe now I'll stop crying?

My fingers are crossed for you, Leslie!

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