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Guess What This Guy Is Claiming These Shadowy Figures Snapped in a Pennsylvania Woods Are


"...they were NOT two bears walking on their rear legs!"

A man and his girlfriend claim this and other photos show a creature that could be Bigfoot. (Photo: John Stonesman via Bradford Today)

A couple weeks ago in a small city in northern Pennsylvania, there was a "Bigfoot calling contest." John Stonesman didn't participate, but he does think the calls could have brought the elusive, legendary creature out of hiding.


Because he believes he saw it.

Stonesman and his girlfriend were heading back to Bradford, Pa. after a music festival on Sept. 22 when they say they saw not one, but two figures in the woods.

john stonesman bigfoot A man and his girlfriend claim this and other photos show a creature that could be Bigfoot. (Photo: John Stonesman via Bradford Today)

"I was able to stop the car and get the following amazing photos! They seemed to be heading in the direction of the Kinzua Bridge ... in the direction of the Bigfoot calls the day before!" Stonesman wrote on a Bradford Today community forum, going by the username BT Guru.

"We were not sure WHAT they were, but we were both certain they were NOT two bears walking on their rear legs!" he continued. "Like I said before, before this sighting, I never believed in Bigfoot. I'm still not sure what we saw."

john stonesman bigfoot A Bigfoot calling contest took place nearby the day before. (Photo: John Stonesman via Bradford Today)

john stonesman bigfoot The potential sighting occurred near Bradford, Pa. (Photo: John Stonesman via Bradford Today)

Stonesman claimed his photos were unaltered (more photos can be seen on the forum website).

Some commenters on the forum are not convinced.

One said, "It looks like a couple of guys with ghillie suits walking along."

On the heels of this sighting, a group of Bigfoot researchers aired "never before seen" footage and cited recent analysis of DNA as "definitive" evidence that the elusive Sasquatch exists, according to WFAA-TV.

Members of the Erickson Project and the Sasquatch Genome Project (SGP) held a press conference in Texas Tuesday where they showed clips shot in 2005 of what they believe is a Bigfoot sleeping woods in Kentucky.

"Researcher Dennis Pfohl... personally captured video and collected DNA samples from Sasquatch individuals," the Erickson group said in a statement, according to WFAA.

bigfoot Video taken of an alleged Bigfoot sleeping in 2005. (Image via WFAA video screenshot)

Watch WFAA's report, which shows some of the exclusive clips:

This video coupled with the SGP's DNA study released earlier this year, provides what the group thinks is "definitive video and DNA evidence from the elusive Sasquatch."

SGP's study, whose lead scientist is Dr. Melba Ketchum, was evaluated independently earlier this year with the Houston Chronicle reporting it was actually a mix of opossum and other animal species.

But at the press conference this week, Ketchum said "this was a serious study," noting it cost $500,000 to conduct.

The Erickson Project is working on a full feature documentary in which it plans to air more of its footage, which it believe helps prove the existence of legendary Sasquatch.

Here's a trailer for the documentary:



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