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Poorly Thought Out 'Prank' Ends Just as You Might Expect – With YouTube Joker Getting Slugged in the Face


"It's a joke dude, chill."


Editor's note: The video included in this post contains very strong language as well as some violence. Be advised.

Obviously, there is no excuse to physically assault someone, unless you fear your life is in serious danger.

That being said, a YouTube prankster, who decided it would be funny to "steal" strangers' cellphones and capture it on video, had to understand that getting punched in the face was a possible -- if not likely -- outcome.

After finding someone to let him "borrow" their cellphone, the prankster is seen on video ditching the crutches he was using and running off with the device. He is chased by a few people who witness the suspected theft.


The joker got some footage he could use, then informed the victims that it was only a prank.

But he was the only one laughing.

"Are you serious? I ought to whoop your f***ing a**," one of the men in the group says.

"It's a joke dude, chill," the prankster replies.

A few seconds later, the man followed through on his threat and socked the prankster right in the face. There is no doubt that is was a painful blow as made evident by the audio.

Again, the man who delivered the blow was in no way justified in his violent behavior, but the so-called prankster certainly put himself in a tough situation.

Watch the prank gone wrong below (Warning! Very strong language):

(H/T: Gawker)


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