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The Amazing Reason Glenn Beck and Rep. Louie Gohmert Immediately Paused Live Radio Interview


"This is no way to run a country."

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Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert (R) called into the Glenn Beck radio program from Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, where he was visiting the World War II memorial with veterans who had been previously forbidden to enter due to the partial government shutdown. But what was supposed to be a routine radio interview became so much more because of what was happening in the background.

As Gohmert began to speak, listeners could hear the veterans singing a moving rendition of "Amazing Grace" through the congressman's phone.

"Wow," Gohmert said repeatedly at the beginning of the interview, clearly moved by the singing, though he attempted to concentrate on the interview.

But before long, both gave up the effort to speak about politics, pausing the interview to listen to "Amazing Grace."

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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The interview then turned toward a discussion of the World War II veterans who arrived to Washington, D.C. yesterday, only to find their memorial had been barricaded off due to the partial government shutdown.

"All you can figure is that somebody intentionally did this to make it difficult for World War II veterans," Gohmert said.  "Just to create pain.  Just for political gain."

A number of Republican members of Congress, including Gohmert, joined the veterans yesterday and today in removing the barricades, and the National Park Service has now conceded (slightly) to allow World War II veterans from the Honor Flight program to visit the World War II memorial.

Gohmert told the story of one gentleman who he helped out of his wheelchair so he could read the names on the memorial.

"And he was pointing, saying, 'I was on that island.  I was on that island,'" Gohmert said.  "And chokes up...and he starts naming people.  And he says, 'I wish they were here to see this.  We fought together on these islands.'"

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) (R) talks to a military veteran at the World War II Memorial during a partial government shutdown October 1, 2013 in Washington, DC. (Photo: Getty Images)

"Why in the world would people be so calloused that they would not want people that served and protected and gave us this country for decades to come -- why we do not want them to come see the memorial constructed for them?" Gohmert asked.  "Glenn, I keep expecting to hear that they put a drape over Mount Rushmore next.  You know, they are spending money to create pain..."

Gohmert said the president and Harry Reid won't even "send anybody to talk to them," and added: "This is no way to run a country."

Beck repeatedly requested that Gohmert run for Senate, and the congressman said he will pray about it.

"You've got to understand...God gives us a mind to be pragmatic," Gohmert said.  "I've got about $250,000 in the bank.  I'm looking at millions and millions and...I'm being effective right now."

Beck responded solemnly: "Congressman Gohmert, I will tell you that as you were talking just a few minutes ago, I got an answer to my prayer.  And I just want you to know that I don't think you should worry about money.  We live in a time of miracles.  If you would just continue to pray for your answer...don't pray about the money.  Pray about, is this the right thing."

"That's right," Gohmert responded.  "That's the prayer."

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