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Wall Street Journal: 'give up' on defunding Obamacare for now


The Wall Street Journal, once again, appeals in an editorial Wednesday for congressional Republicans to go ahead and accept what the paper sees as inevitable:

Our advice is to give up on the impossible task of defunding or delaying ObamaCare at the current moment and focus instead on a quick if smaller policy victory. The House has already voted for three specific policies that might be achievable if they became the GOP's main political focus. ...

[S]ooner or later the GOP will have to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling that expires two weeks from now. Republicans will have made their point about fighting hard on principle while noting that to achieve more on ObamaCare they'll need more Senate Republicans after 2014 and a GOP President after 2016.

The "smaller" victories WSJ advocates are for a one-year delay in "Obamacare's" individual mandate, a repeal of the tax on medical device makers, and/or a repeal of a rule in the health care law that gives subsidies to congressmen and their aides to pay for increases in their insurance costs.

WSJ has been a frequent critic of some congressional Republicans' (particularly Sen. Ted Cruz) strategy to defund Obamacare by way of threatening a government shutdown.


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