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Here's a depressing Time cover about the government shutdown


The latest cover of time sets a gloomy outlook for the federal government and the ongoing shutdown.

From the cover story, "It's Only Going to Get Worse":

Republicans speak to Republicans, Democrats to Democrats, the hard right and hard left comfortably cushioned from any obligation to reach out to anyone — leaving the rest of the country with no one to speak to them, or for them.

So, when the embattled Speaker of the House John Boehner took to the floor with the clock ticking toward zero and pitched a doomed offer to delay the government shutdown by a few more weeks, his simple mantra drilled to the heart of the problem. "Let's listen to our constituents," Boehner thundered, as though a great chorus of voters had demanded that Obamacare be blocked, no matter the cost to the country.

Let's listen to our constituents. Those words could be etched in the Capitol marble, but perhaps never before in the nation's history have they contained so much complexity.

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