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Limbaugh Reveals Mind-Numbing Story from Obamacare: Meet the 30-Year-Old Future Lawyer Who's Now Set to Get Free Healthcare


"They've turned him into a ward of the state."

30-year-old Brendan Mahoney (Source: LinkedIn via the Wall Street Journal)

If you listen to the President's rhetoric when it comes to why America needed Obamacare, it's riddled with stories of people who can't get health insurance and are falling through the cracks. And while there may be such people, Brendan Mahoney doesn't seem to be one of them.

30-year-old Brendan Mahoney (Source: LinkedIn via the Wall Street Journal)

Who is Brendan Mahoney? He's a 30-year-old law student from Connecticut. He already has health insurance through his school that he pays about $39-per-month for. Still, as the Wall Street Journal's James Taranto points out via the Hartford Courant, he decided on Wednesday to see what Obamacare could offer.

So he went on to his state exchange to sign up. What did he find? Lo and behold, the Obamacare exchange site had some great news: he could now save that $39 every month starting next year and have taxpayers front the bill for his new Medicaid coverage.

Rush Limbaugh read the story on his show Thursday and seemed disgusted.

"Here we have a future lawyer...and he's been converted into a welfare case. And that ladies and gentleman is the objective," Limbaugh said. "When you strip it all away, this shows how all of this is really designed to work."

"At 30 years of age, he discovered he was eligible for Medicaid," Limbaugh added. "And it is a joke here that they're saying, 'Great news we got a 30-year-old guy who could sign up. ... They've turned him into a ward of the state.'"

Daily Rushbo has Limbaugh's full reaction:

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