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Take a Guess Who Was Reportedly Among the Angry Biker Gang While They Beat NY Dad in Front of His Family


"It is does not appear that he got involved at the scene."


As a group of angry bikers smashed a New York dad's car window, yanked him from the vehicle and beat him, an off-duty NYPD undercover officer stood by so he didn't "blow his cover," according to the New York Post.


Citing a number of law enforcement sources, the Post reports the unidentified "narcotics officer" came forward on Wednesday night, four days after the beating that left Alexian Lien bloodied on the ground as his family watched in horror from their black Range Rover.

“It is does not appear that he got involved at the scene,” one law enforcement source said of the off-duty cop.

Another source told the Post he "didn’t want to blow his cover." But he was apparently not investigating the group of bikers that he was with.

The cop is reportedly a motorcycle hobbyist who rides with Front Line Soldiers, which a Post source describes as a "New Rochelle-based group that also counts several other cops among its members." Internal Affairs is also reportedly investigating if any other biker cops witnessed the assault.

The unknown undercover cop has now reportedly retained an attorney to prepare for whatever the future holds. Per the report:

Meanwhile, sources said that cops have developed new photographic evidence showing Lien was physically attacked by as many as five bikers.

None of those bikers are under arrest six days after the incident and only one has been identified by name, one source said.

There is as yet no evidence that suspect biker Reginald Chance, 38, of Brooklyn — depicted in video smashing using his chrome-colored helmet to bash in Lien’s driver’s side window — was among those who beat or slashed Lien, a source said.

Chance, who has also lawyered up, still faces possible charges of gang assault, a source said.

Despite the plethora of video evidence and eyewitness accounts, just one of the bikers has been arrested.

Christopher Cruz, 28, of Passaic, NJ, faces "misdemeanor charges of reckless driving and imprisonment for suddenly slowing his bike in front of the Range Rover, causing the fender-bender blamed for sparking the chase and violence," the New York Post notes.


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