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How This Actress' Trip and Fall to the Pavement Has Become a Viral Photoshopping Sensation


...burning up the Internet

A trip and fall scene from Scarlett Johannson's yet-to-be-widely-released movie "Under the Skin" — in which she portrays an alien that feeds on human flesh — has suddenly become a Photoshopping sensation that's burning up the Internet.

Here's the original photo:

Scarlett falls Screen grab from "Under The Skin" trailer

The original photo, which some have reported was captured by paparazzi, is likely a screen grab from the extended trailer for "Under The Skin." But thanks to copyright issues, that trailer has been removed from the YouTube sites that posted it.

However, TheBlaze discovered an NBC report on the filming of the movie from a year ago. That story actually features the above image. We also reviewed the movie's official trailer (which is kinda spooky) and found a few scenes showing Johannson wearing the same coat from the original photo above.

Here's a trailer screen grab in which she's seen walking along the beach:

scarlett johannson Image: Under The Skin trailer

Now that we've cleared up the origins of the latest Internet meme's seed image, let's review some of the best merged shots:

TheBlaze's Top Five "Scarlett Johannson Falling Down" Photoshopped Images.

(As seen on Sad and Useless)

Scarlett surf Johannson in the curl

Scarlett dives for the ball Johannson attempts a diving catch

ScarJo chases cheese Scarlett chasing cheese wheels

Walrus Johannson Scarlett looking a little long in the tooth

And this last one shared here — and perhaps the image with the least amount of Photoshopping — appears to have an arrow and a little blood added:

Arrow This one shows a reason why Scarlett's down - she's been hit by an arrow.

See the rest of the Photoshopped images on Sad and Useless.

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