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The Creekview Grizzlies Football Players May Only Be 6-7 Years Old, But They Just Did Something That Brought All the Grown Ups to Tears


"'s beyond words."

(Image source: WTTG)

Like all other young boys, eight-year-old Sammy just wants to fit in. On Saturday, that was not a problem.

Sammy, who has Down syndrome, is the team manager of a youth football team in Georgia. The six and seven year olds who compose the Creekview Grizzlies requested him for the position earlier this season.

"Having your son in a football uniform is every father's dream," Sammy's father, Matt Grugan, told WTTG.

(Image source: WTTG)

But it was what they planned for him on Saturday that brought tears of joy to everyone's eyes.

Sammy was given a helmet and asked to take the field. Not only did he get a chance to finally play with his peers, but he was given the opportunity to score. With an assist from the opposing team, Sammy, with his teammates at his side, was able to carry the ball into the end zone.

(Image source: WTTG)

"With Sam it's been a little different," his dad said. "You knew these opportunities would never happen. So to have that opportunity, it's beyond words."

"What every parent wants is for their child to be included and accepted by their peers, and for him to be involved with the team this way, is amazing," said his mom.

Watch a local news clip, capturing the moment, courtesy of WTTG:


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