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A picture is worth 1,000 words: Maintaining some lawn & order in D.C. (Updated)


Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands...

Spotted on Imgur:

This guy is mowing the grass at the Lincoln Memorial right now. Someone give him a medal.

Ah, freshly cut grass--the sweet smell of freedom.

Twitchy managed to track down a bit of video...

Update: Should've seen this coming...

According to the Weekly Standard's Jim Swift, Park Police were "alerted" to the man's mowing and "three cruisers with multiple officers" were dispatched to the memorial.

THE WEEKLY STANDARD watched the officers observing the mystery mower from a distance, as he appeared to be packing it up for the day, carefully placing his blue South Carolina flag in a tube attached to his tool-toting dolly.

According to Park Police public information officer Sergeant Paul Brooks, there was no arrest made. "He was asked to leave, and he complied," said Brooks.

Your government at work!

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