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Family of Toddler Who Stunned the World With His Viral Trick Shot Videos Hit With Obamacare Shocker


"We're not here to complain. I just want people to know what Obamacare is -- and isn't."


"Trick Shot Titus" won over the world with his incredible trick shots. YouTube videos of the toddler draining shot after shot, many times increasing in difficulty, resulted in a number of viral videos and appearances on "Today," "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and "The Glenn Beck Radio Program."

The overwhelming success of the toddler's trick shot videos brought in money that his parents plan to save for Titus and his three siblings. However, that plan has officially hit its first snag, according to the toddler's father, Joseph Ashby.

The problem's name is Obamacare.


Ashby, an aerospace engineer and radio host in Wichita, Kan., told TheBlaze that he recently received a letter from his family's health insurance provider informing him that their policy no longer complies with federal law under Obamacare. The replacement plan allegedly comes with a roughly 535 percent deductible increase  -- before the plan helps out with medical bills. The replacement plan also reduces the number of plan-covered doctor visits from five to as few as two, and doubles the co-pay for each visit, he said.

"The old plan had a $1,000 deductible before the plan kicked in. After that, the old plan paid 80 percent and we paid 20 percent until we got to another $1,000. The new plan has a $6,350 deductible before they kick in anything," he explained.

Further, Ashby claims the plan's vision coverage is dropped and the monthly premium is still higher than the old policy. The family may end up paying as much as $10,000 more over the next year in medical costs under the new Obamacare-compliant plan, he said.

Ashby told TheBlaze the $10,000 estimation is based on a combination of higher premiums and likely medical payment his family would have to make with the increased deductible.

"I just want to make it clear that if my family was in the deepest pit of Nova Scotia with the Rocky Mountains piled on top of us, we'd make it out. We're not here to complain," the father said. "I just want people to know what Obamacare is -- and isn't."

To back up his claims, Ashby provided TheBlaze copies of his old plan and the details of the new plans he can now choose from.


"The money from the viral videos (meant for Titus' and his siblings' future) is small compared to the family's new health care cost," reads a post on Ashby's Facebook page.

"The folks in Washington who are doing so much to try and stop the law are fighting a good fight. We all want people to get medical care, but we can't embrace a law that hurts so many others in the process."

The original Titus trick shot video has more than 12 million views on YouTube:

Carousel image via AP/Jessica Hill. This story has been updated.


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