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Thieves and Animals': Glenn Beck Unloads Over Food Stamp 'Glitch' That Led to Walmart Ransacking


"Go ahead MSNBC, why don't you show the world what you're creating!"

Glenn Beck was "disgusted" on Monday over reports of food stamp recipients raiding two Walmart locations in Louisiana after hearing of an apparent glitch in the Electronic Benefits Transfer system that allowed them to make purchases without spending limits.

"I'm disgusted by the people we happen to live with, the people we're turning into," Beck remarked on his morning radio program. "The people that quite honestly, we're supposedly helping. How are we helping? They knew they were doing wrong."

Beck asked whether anyone would prosecute those who knew they were violating the law, but said he doubts it.

"Anybody who did it should lose their card," he added. "Anybody who did it, quite honestly, should have to pay it back. But I'm willing just to say, you've shown yourself to be not trustworthy."

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Beck said the root of the problem is a mentality that if it comes from the government, it's "free."

"This is what you get with 'free phones from the president!'" Beck said with scorn. "It's free, it doesn't cost anything!  It's just food. Nobody paid for it!  I just got it on my card, it was a glitch."

"No, I paid for it," Beck corrected. "And he paid for it, and she paid for it, and the people checking you out that are working, they paid for it. We all paid for it! And you have grown so accustomed to just taking it, there's no shame. Quite honestly I don't want people on welfare and who need to be on welfare ashamed. But I would like you to feel a little gratitude! I would like you to feel a little like, 'I'm going to get off this as soon as I can.' Why isn't this story going to be everywhere?"

Beck continued ruthlessly: "You want to talk about corruption, you want to talk about a glitch, you want to talk about a society in a death spiral, there it is!  Go ahead MSNBC, why don't you show the world what you're creating!  Why don't you show what this president is doing to people -- and if that's not putting people back into chains I don't know what is."

Beck said he doesn't think people like Booker T. Washington would be proud of what happened, but would say instead, "My gosh, you've let the government do it to you again. You have allowed them to tell you [that] you need them to educate yourself. And you can blame it on somebody else that you can't read when you have access to everything ... I know you've been kept down, yeah yeah, but what have you done about it? What have you done to better yourself?"

The same goes for all the "whites, blacks, Hispanics, purple [people], I don't care what color they are," Beck added.

"For all those people -- if there were any, any that went with their food stamp card and said, 'No, this is all I'm supposed to get ... as a citizen, I thank you." Beck concluded. "I doubt they did. But one would like to still hope that we have an alternative to thieves and animals."

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