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Open Your Damn Eyes!': Glenn Beck Berates the Media for Not Considering the Future 'On the Horizon


"You can't worry about today - you have to start worrying about tomorrow."

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Glenn Beck begged the media and the American people to "see the future that is on the horizon" and "open your damn eyes" on his radio program Tuesday.

Within a number of years, Beck began, he believes most Americans are going to be working part time.

"There will be some IMF global tax that will add an extra 10% on everything. The people like me will be out of business, and the people that have done favors for this government will be in business. And they will be fine, and we'll be the little worker bees," he continued. "And they will test your children and train them from the very beginning to work for the corporation, be that Google, Microsoft, whatever it is. They'll spot them in Common Core ... We'll all hope that they can work for a good corporation that maybe, maybe they can have a job at a great corporation."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

But Beck said that "as the singularity approaches," many won't be able to afford what the rich can. While you act as a little "worker bee" for the government, he said, the rich and well-connected will have Google glasses and will be able to select certain genes for their children (technology that is already being developed, he added).

"This isn't science fiction. This is science fact," Beck said strongly. "The London Times just ripped me apart saying, 'Oh, Glenn Beck's afraid of the Terminator.' No, I'm not...Read The Singularity by Ray Kurzweil, you pieces of garbage."

"You people in the press, open your damn eyes!" Beck implored. "See the future that is just on the horizon! Read Ray Kurzweil, The Singularity is Near! It's not a movie! It's real."

And Beck said people tell him: "Don't worry...Everybody's going to be able to have Google glasses. Everybody's going to be able to upload the information and enhance their intelligence."

But when he asks how, Beck said he's not at all relieved to hear that "they" will make the technology affordable for everyone by following the model of Obamacare.

"There is a way out, but the first thing you have to do is understand you are living in a different world," Beck told his audience. "You can't worry about today - you have to start worrying about tomorrow. You have to start looking over the horizon because by the time you figure out today, tomorrow will already be here."

Watch the complete clip -- which also includes a word for the "damn unions" who were "beating Tea Party people up as we stood with signs" protesting Obamacare  -- below:

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