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This Is How Nations Die!': Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck Tangle Over Feasibility of a Third Party


"I think you're a secret Democrat!"

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Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter argued over the future of the Republican Party on Beck's radio program Tuesday in an inimitable conversation that consisted of passionate political points, as well as good natured jabs and laughs.

"So I'm afraid to even ask this question, but there's no chance you're for a third party?" Beck asked Coulter, author of Never Trust a Liberal Over Three - Especially a Republican.

"Ahh!" Coulter fake-screamed in response. "This is how nations die, Glenn Beck!  We're going to lose.  All that matters is winning, winning, winning."

Coulter said it's much more sensible to go after seats Republicans don't already have than to spend time and money trying to replace Republicans.

"May I say one name," Beck remarked. "Charles Sumner."

"There's one that's [from] recent history," Coulter retorted sarcastically.

While Beck insisted the U.S. is on the verge of seeing Republicans go the way of the Whig Party, Coulter said she'd rather see a third party "taking votes from the Democrats."

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The two also discussed specific politicians, particularly Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  As those who have been listening to Glenn Beck recently know, Beck has been on fire about replacing McConnell, saying he is a "really bad guy."

But Coulter had to object there too: "[McConnell] was the Ted Cruz on campaign finance reform ... Mitch McConnell was so strong on that, was so brave, was attacked by the media, never backed down. And just one other point -- he is leader of the Senate ... he has to gather all the Republicans together."

Coulter said McConnell is "smarter than Trent Lott," "more conservative than Bob Dole," and that he managed to get "every single Republican to vote against Obamacare, including [Senators] Collins and Snowe."

"I'll tell you some stories off-air about Mitch McConnell," Beck promised. "Mitch McConnell is not exactly a friend of Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and you know that."

Coulter repeated that McConnell doesn't have a history of attacking them publicly, but is the "most conservative and smartest" leader of Republicans the U.S. Senate has had in her lifetime. Until she verifies these "secret rumors off-air," Coulter said, she's going to stick up for the guy.

But both Coulter and Beck were able to agree that if you are going to replace one Republican senator, it should be Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

"That would scare the rest of them," Coulter remarked. "And Lindsey Graham, what is he wrong on? Oh, everything. Syria, amnesty, Gang of Eight. Voted for Kagan, voted for Sotomayor. [He] wants to go to wars America doesn't need. I mean -- I don't even understand what his position is."

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Coulter added that she's a bit "annoyed" with the congressional delegation from South Carolina, saying one needs to step up and run against Graham. Her favorite among the contenders would be Rep. Trey Gowdy, she said, and Beck and his co-hosts were completely on board.

But shortly thereafter, things heated back up again.

When Beck asked what Coulter thinks of Matt Bevin, who is running against McConnell in Kentucky, Coulter remarked: "No, no, no.  Stop! No, no. This is like Liz Cheney. No!"

She explained that the situation is similar because Cheney is "running against a conservative Republican" and we don't need primary fights, jokingly adding: "Now I think you're a secret Democrat!"

Coulter proceeded to add one more point in McConnell's favor. "My third point is, how has Mitch McConnell voted differently than Rand Paul? And footnote here -- did Mitch McConnell spend one month promoting amnesty before finally coming around like, oh, your looove Rand Paul?"

"I'm not sure I love Rand Paul right now..." Beck responded with a laugh.

Coulter said she's in no way attacking Paul, but that "McConnell has voted the same way ... is it worth having a vicious primary in Wyoming, in Kentucky?"

"It's not necessarily what Mitch McConnell does in his votes," Beck said. "It's what Mitch McConnell does behind the scenes."

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The two concluded on a positive note, agreeing that Beck's new mantra "#DefundTheGOP" is admirable in the sense of cutting off funding to the Republican establishment in Washington, instead choosing the candidates and organizations you truly want to support.

Where Coulter disagrees, she said, is attacking Republicans who can't vote "down the line" conservative because they come from the equivalent of the Soviet Union, like Massachusetts.

"Pick the ones ... [that] are really hateful" and go after them, she suggested.

What conservatives need to do, Coulter said, is imagine how the "non-Fox media" would be covering the Democrats if the situation were reversed, and Republicans had been in charge. How would they be treating the by almost all accounts disastrous Obamacare rollout?  The economy? Jobs?

"This is the point of the beginning of my book here," Coulter said. "We need the ruthlessness of the Democrats without their crazy ideas."

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