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Coptic Christians Speak About Their Plight in Egypt (And They Have a Message for Obama)


"This is what I want as a message for him."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck recently interviewed a Coptic Christian family that was forced to flee Egypt because of the religious persecution they faced, and the family said they have a message for America and the country's leadership.

"Please, Obama, don't support the Muslim Brotherhood. Because they are like terrorists. They kill Christians all over the world, not only in Egypt," Mina Shoukry Abdelmaeseh remarked. "This is what I want as a message for him."

Abdelmaeseh said things weren't quite as bad for him in Egypt as they were for his mother, Hanan Ishak, who routinely received violent threats and was spat on because of the cross she wore.

Though, the young man added: "I got in one situation also on ... public transportation...I was wearing a cross over there. A gold one. So when I dropped off from the of the guys spit over me from the window."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Coptic Christian priest Father Anthony Hanna, who sat with the family, said he believes "people in America really don't understand the concept of persecution ... to be treated like a second class in your own country."

He said Abdelmaeseh's brother, Mark, was told he couldn't play on the national soccer team because he's Christian.

"They told me you should change your religion to play with us on the team, to have a good future," Mark Shoukry Abdelmaeseh explained.

But when asked if he ever considered converting, the young man responded: "No. Surely not."

Father Hanna concluded with a plea to the American embassy in Cairo, saying it's "enough" that they supported the Muslim Brotherhood, but they should not allow more Christians to "get tortured, get killed" by not allowing them to leave.

Beck asked the priest if he believes we are moving closer to "1930's Germany."

"We're getting closer to that, yeah," Hanna responded.

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