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TV Crew Gets Video of Passed Out Driver on Highway...and Then Things Go Crazy


"Something was not right about him."

A local news reporter in Atlanta found herself right in the middle of a strange scene that turned into a chase and an ongoing manhunt Saturday afternoon -- and the cameras were rolling.

WSB-TV's Liz Artz was among the first to call 911 to report a man passed out and drooling inside his truck parked in a lane of traffic on a local highway known as the Buford Connector.

driver passed out This unidentified man was filmed passed out in his truck, blocking a lane of traffic. (Image source: WSB video screenshot)

A Georgia Department of Transportation Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) unit arrived and tapped on the window, waking the man up.

"Something was not right about him," a female witness told WSB.

driver passed out The driver was awoken by a Highway Emergency Response Operator HERO. (Image source: WSB video screenshot)

The man appeared agitated by the encounter with a HERO employee, sped off and crashed into other vehicles. In total, five cars were involved in the accident.

driver passed out The truck among the other cars involved in the accident. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

driver passed out Other collateral damage. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Before police arrived, the still unidentified man ran from the car and hopped over a fence -- barbed wire and all.

According to WSB, he hasn't been found.

driver passed out The erratic driver escaping the car. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

driver passed out He then climbed over the fence. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Take a look at the crazy footage:

No serious injuries resulted from the incident.



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