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Alec Baldwin: NY Times 'no different than any other paper

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Responding to a vaguely critical review of his new MSNBC show in the New York Times, actor and outspoken liberal Alec Baldwin said the Times is just another daily trying to make ends meet.

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

"[T]he Times is no different than any other paper," Baldwin told The Daily Beast. "They need to come up with something that’s an easy tag."

The review in question, printed about a week ago, described Baldwin as having a "famously volcanic temper" and appearing "a little impish" due to his gelled hair. Yet, the review also compared him favorably to the well-known, universally respected interviewer Charlie Rose.

"No. They want readers," Baldwin continued. "The old Times, before they had serious financial concerns of their own, might have behaved differently. I don’t think the Times today can afford to behave the way the Times used to behave. But they don’t get paid enough money to sit down and think about who I am, so I don’t blame them."

Of the author of the Times review, Baldwin said "that person doesn’t get paid enough money—nor should they."


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