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The System Isn't Working': Ron Paul Breaks Down His Homeschooling Curriculum in Gripping Glenn Beck Interview


"We have a broken system, and we have to offer them something else."

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Former Texas congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul appeared on TheBlaze TV Tuesday to speak with Glenn Beck about his work to advance homeschooling through the Ron Paul Curriculum, in addition to the state of the country and the feasibility of a third party.

Speaking about his new book, "The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System," Paul explained: "We have a broken system, and we have to offer them something else. Homeschooling's been around for a while...but most people now, and it's not just conservatives...realize the system isn't working."

Everything from violence in schools to the fact that many have to be re-taught how to write and spell when they get to college, Paul said, indicates that the system is "very much broken." But it goes beyond that, he said.

"I want to have a curriculum that talks about the freedom philosophy, and people thinking along these terms, and have a different perspective on history...and economics," Dr. Paul remarked. "To change the atmosphere with the idea of getting young people prepared either to go to college, or start their own business."

Beck agreed, and said he believes the public school system is forcing Americans into a box where we all have to think the same way and at the same pace. But he also noted that many parents may be intimidated by the prospect of homeschooling their children.

"If I had to sit down and explain physics at this moment, I'd have to work at it," Paul admitted in response.  "[But] it's not like the parent has to know every single thing ... There will be lectures on the Internet, and communication among the students."

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The two also discussed how to break down the barriers between left and right, with Paul saying he prefers to use the word "non-intervention" to describe his viewpoints as opposed to a label like "conservative" or "liberal."

"I want to be non-interventionist in our personal lives and how we raise our kids...I don't want intervention in the economy, so I become a free market economist.  And then I also follow the Founders' admonition that we shouldn't be involved in the internal affairs of other nations," he explained. "And all of the sudden you pick up support from the left and you pick up support from the right, but it comes together as a consistent philosophy..."

After a commercial break, Beck received a call that his daughter went into labor and was having her baby, and was replaced by his executive producer Stu Burguiere.

Burguiere noted that Beck has been "flirting" with the idea of a third party, having "given up on the Republicans completely" with the exception a few lawmakers like Paul's son, and asked what Paul would say on the issue.

"I understand the frustration because there's a lot of that, and I get the question a whole lot," Paul said with a laugh. "I say it's time for a second party. Because we just have one party there, they're the same on all the big issues."

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul discusses homeschooling with Glenn Beck. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Paul said the Republicans and Democrats "argue over power," but not really the direction of the country.  But rather than start a third party, which would be extraordinarily difficult, even down to getting into the debates, Paul argued that it would be better to tackle "the intellectual climate that will change the ideas of both parties."

"Ideas have to infiltrate the whole culture," he said, " have to get Republicans and Democrats and Independents to agree."

While larger reforms may come some day, Paul asserted: "I think the crisis is going to come much sooner...The race is, can we convert enough people to believing and understanding free market economics and why liberty is the issue, and why balanced budgets are important? That is the race. Because the collapse is coming, and then the question is what are we going to rebuild it with?"

"Are we going to allow the authoritarians who destroyed our system to rebuild it and put it into another one, and then have another dictatorship of sorts? Or are we going to reform, refine, and do an even better job than the Founders did and work in the direction of personal liberty?" he asked. "And that of course is the side that I'm on, and I tend to be optimistic that a lot of people are joining us in this effort."

Watch more from the fascinating interview, below:

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