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Relentless AP Reporter's Tense Benghazi Exchange With State Dept. Spokeswoman: 'You're Trying to Answer My Question by Not Answering It


"Can I finish my sentence please before you try to interrupt me?"


Associated Press reporter Matt Lee engaged in a tense back-and-forth with State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf on Thursday over the exclusion of the Benghazi terror suspects from the "Rewards for Justice" program.


When Harf refused to cite a specific reason that the suspects were not included on the list, Lee pressed harder.

He made it clear he wasn't doubting that the Obama administration was trying to catch the individuals behind the Benghazi attack, but asked why the administration wouldn't put the suspects on the "Rewards for Justice" list just so they had another tool to apprehend them.

As Harf started to cite what President Barack Obama has said in the past, Lee interrupted her.

"Matt, come on," she said. "Can I finish my sentence please before you try to interrupt me?"

"Well, the problem is you’re trying to answer my question by not answering it," Lee shot back.

"OK, you don’t know what I was going to say, actually," Harf replied.

The State Department spokeswoman went on to day that it "has been made crystal clear at the highest levels of government" that catching those responsible for the Benghazi attack is a top priority.

Watch the exchange via the Washington Free Beacon below:


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