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Well, That's One Way to Dispose of a Pumpkin...


"...we do have other techniques for disposing of pumpkins."

(Image Source: Facebook)

A viral video uploaded to YouTube last week shows a man smashing a set of pumpkins in almost every conceivable way — including using a shotgun and blowing one up with fireworks.

The individual, only identified by his YouTube username "hickok45," demonstrates 10 "proven methods for killing and disposing of pumpkins."

"One of the things we try to teach you is how to appropriately dispose of a pumpkin," the man says in the video. "Last year we used a double barrel shotgun on a pumpkin."

"Well we do have other techniques for disposing of pumpkins," he adds.

The man than proceeds to show how to smash a pumpkin using an Axe, baseball bat, knife, tomahawk, "the force," claw hammer, 2x4 piece of wood, Desert eagle, Remington 870 with Slug and fireworks.

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(Image Source: YouTube)

(Image Source: Facebook)

(Image Source: Facebook)

(Image Source: Facebook)

Here is the video:

(H/T: The Daily Dot)


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