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What Happens When a Champion Beatboxer Meets a Violinist?


"Strangly relaxing."

Beatboxer meet violinist. Violinist meet beatboxer. World meet magical music.

Award-winning beatboxer Jonatan Lopes, who goes by JFlo, collaborated with violinist David Wong in a new video that combines two sounds you wouldn't necessarily expect together. Beatboxing, a percussion style of music produced with one's mouth, is generally thought of as a more modern form of music, while string instruments, like violin, draw from more classical roots.

jflo and david wong Beatboxer JFlo and violinist David Wong combine two styles of music for an unexpected result. (Image source: David Wong/Facebook)

Listen to the stunning combo:

Wong, who has played since age 4, is no stranger to more modern music with the instrument frequently thought of as classical and, perhaps, subdued. Wong is described on his Facebook page as an acoustic and electric violinist who plays rock, pop, hip-hop and more.

JFlo won the American Beatbox Championship in 2011.

"That is some great violin work! Love the dynamics, technique and how you drag some notes out to work with them. It really stood out, to me," a commenter on the social news site Reddit going by Vuguroth wrote. "The beatboxing felt mainly like an accompaniment, but it was nice when he worked the loops."

Another going by GoDawgs15 called the mix "fantastic" and "strangely relaxing."



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