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D.C. Woman Loses It on News Crew, Hits Them With Pepper Spray, Punches and Obscenities


A Washington, D.C., reporter and photographer were assaulted Thursday by a local woman who was unhappy that they were standing outside a home that had the day before been attacked by home invaders.

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Four armed men invaded the home Wednesday and held eight people hostage, Washington police said.

Before authorities were able to bring the standoff to a close, the home invaders assaulted three of the eight hostages.

And when the WUSA9 news crew showed up the next morning, at least one Washington resident was unhappy with their presence.

“Photographer Danielle Gill and I were knocking on doors, trying to get neighbors to talk to us. Most of them did not know the family living in the house,” WUSA9’s Bruce Johnson reported.

“We were standing on the sidewalk immediately in front of the house, talking to the mail delivery person, when a young woman who had yelled at us before to get away, comes to the window to yell some more,” he added.

Shouting obscenities, the woman ran outside and unloaded pepper spray and a barrage of punches on the news crew.

After the ordeal ended, the news crew said it wasn’t interested in pressing charges. However, the group said, law enforcement officials most likely will.

You can see the outburst here (Content warning):

(H/T: Mediaite)


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Featured image courtesy WUSA9.


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