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See Ann Coulter's Reaction to Piers Morgan Asking Her If She Would Ever Date a Liberal


"If you were interviewing Margaret Thatcher..."

Ann Coulter/Twitter

As Ann Coulter and CNN's Piers Morgan discussed politics and the Republican party, the TV host for some reason felt compelled to question his guest on her dating preferences. More specifically, Morgan wanted to know if Coulter would ever date a "liberal," possibly HBO's Bill Maher.

Laughing at the premise, Coulter asked Morgan: "If you were interviewing Margaret Thatcher, would you ask her that?"

"No, I think not," she added.

But Morgan wasn't ready to let the issue go, so he asked her again if she would date a man on the other side of the political spectrum.

"I am not discussing who I would date!" Coulter replied, before sneaking in a joke at liberals' expense. "No, I can't take the little dinky hybrid cars."

After the strange line of questioning about Coulter's dating life, the two eventually did discuss some serious issues. Watch the rest of the segment via CNN:

(H/T: Mediaite)


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