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The Amputee With Some Amazing Halloween Costumes Has Made a Pledge to the Troops


"I never dreamed that my amputation was going to lead to halloween costumes that would amuse millions of people."


Josh Sundquist is many things. In fact, he describes himself as, "a son, brother, cancer survivor, author, Paralympic ski racer, motivational speaker, YouTuber and mediocre rapper." The very accomplished man who lost a leg in his struggle with cancer at the age of nine, forgot to mention that he is also a pretty clever designer of Halloween costumes. But while Josh's costume skills have been making their way across the internet over the last week or so, you may not have heard about his other clever idea: a pledge to the troops.

First the costumes.

Sundquist has been making clever costumes for some time now. The Internet first took notice of his partially-eaten gingerbread man in 2010.


In 2011, Josh dressed in a classic costume, the ever-popular pirate - complete with a wooden leg.

Image: @JoshSundquist on Twitter

Josh's 2012 costume was inspired by the curious one-legged lamp in the classic holiday movie, "A Christmas Story."


What would he come up with a 2013 costume? We found out last week. Each Tuesday, Josh uploads an entertaining and motivational video to his YouTube channel. The character? A pink flamingo "in all my full-body, lycra suit, skin tight glory."

If you look closely, you can see that he is basically balancing upside down. Josh's lone leg is the flamingo's neck with his foot as the head.


Watch Sundquist's October 22nd YouTube video message where he announced his costume and talked about turning adversity or negative situations into positive opportunities.

So what about the pledge?

Sundquist's YouTube channel currently has more than 160,000+ subscribers. He said that if his channel crosses the 250,000 subscriber threshold before the end of 2013, he will:

  • Make a full video confession about the time he "accidentally dated" his cousin.
  • Give an autographed copy of his book, Don't Just Fall,  to every soldier that has lost a limb in the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.

To learn more about the inspirational Josh Sundquist, visit his web site.

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