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Glenn Beck Teaches Children About Obamacare With Special Halloween Lesson


"When I go to trick or treat, we eet [sic] rocks and dirt and sometimes bugs. Why do rich people like you hate me?"

Glenn Beck explains healthcare through the prism of Halloween on October 31, 2013. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck invited a number of children onto his television program Thursday to explain the Affordable Care Act -- better known as Obamacare -- using a unique Halloween analogy.

"Let's change healthcare to Halloween," Beck began. "The president is saying he's going to make it the best, yummiest Halloween ever! You're like, 'I kinda like Halloween...' But some kids don't get their candy, right?"

The president tells you you will still be free to "go to as many houses as you want," and that if you already know the "best" houses, there will be nothing to stop you from going there, Beck said.

"We're just talking about giving candy to the kids who don't have any candy..." he added.

Glenn Beck explains healthcare using Halloween analogy on October 31, 2013. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

At that, Beck brought the costumed children into a circle around him, saying he wanted to read them a letter written by a "sad, sad child."

"Dear Mr. Beck," the fake letter began. "I'm poor, and I don't get any candy at all.  When I go to trick or treat, we eet [sic] rocks and dirt and sometimes bugs. Why do rich people like you hate me? Love, Jimmy."

"I don't hate him!" one of the children protested.

Beck said that was good, and so to help poor Jimmy, he's going to take all the "yummy candy" they had collected and just take a little for Jimmy -- and after dumping all their candy in a pool, they would get the "best" treats back.

At that, Beck grabbed handfuls and handfuls of the children's candy, eventually dumping each bucket's contents into a communal area.

But he made sure to leave a solitary Skittle in one of the children's buckets. For the others, he broke open a small packet of M&M's -- spilling some of its contents on the floor -- and redistributed what was left in the other children's baskets.

"Government waste," he said nonchalantly about those that fell.

Then, Beck directed the children to the "yummy candy exchange," where he had previously told them they would get the "best" candy back.  It turned out to be a large garbage can, which he couldn't actually open.

Eventually, though, he was able to pry the lid off.

"Who wants a yummy apple?" Beck asked the children.  "Raisins...?  Dental floss...?"

When one of the children protested the arrangement, saying he was told he would be able to keep the candy from his route, Beck ostentatiously removed the solitary skittle he had left behind in the child's bucket.

And as the clip ended, the screen flashed to what appeared to be a politician stuffing his face full of candy.

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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