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Rush Limbaugh Savages Obama: 'Richard Nixon Resigned Over a Lie Nowhere Near This Big


"This is total fraud."


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Friday argued that "Americans are losing [health care] coverage by political design" through Obamacare. He said the White House knew millions of Americans would lose their coverage, adding that "Richard Nixon resigned over a lie nowhere near this big."

"And you know the hell of it is that Obama doesn’t think he lied. I don’t think Obama, in his mind, is capable of lying. Whatever is necessary to say or do to advance the agenda is what is morally correct. Doesn’t matter. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t think he lied," Limbaugh said.

He went on to say Obama and his administration put forth an "abject, purposeful lie to the American people for the expressed purpose of passing legislation."

"This is total fraud," he concluded.

Listen to the segment below via the Daily Rushbo:


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