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Married Couple Reportedly Considers Filing for Divorce to Save on Cost of Obamacare


Not taking it "lightly."

When the folks responsible for the Affordable Care Act drafted the bill, they probably didn’t expect that it would cause at least one couple to consider filing for divorce.

But that’s exactly what one married couple in Brooklyn, New York, is considering.

Nona Willis-Aronowitz and Aaron Cassara (image source: CBS News)

As a family of two, Nona Willis-Aronowitz and Aaron Cassara make “more than the $62,000 level to qualify for subsidies under Obamacare,” according to CBS News. “But if they lived together, unmarried as individuals, they qualify for the subsidies and potentially could save hundreds of dollars a month.”

Therefore, the solution seems simple: File for divorce, live together as unmarried individuals, and save hundreds of dollars a month on Obamacare.

Watch the report here:

While the decision may seem heartbreaking to some, the couple say they are not really the “marrying type.” In fact, according to the couple, their marriage was prompted by his need for health insurance. And now it looks like it'll end for the same reason.

“In our case, it would be worth it,” Aronowitz said. “In other people’s cases, where marriage is really, really important to them and they had this big wedding and it was this sacred experience, I think it would be a really tough decision for them.”

Still, as CBS News notes, they’re not taking the decision to file for divorce “lightly.”


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Featured image via CBS News.


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