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Hollywood Couple Is Writing a Book About Celibacy and Waiting Until Marriage to Have Sex


"He loves God, more than I love God."

Actress Meagan Good and her husband, preacher and studio executive DeVon Franklin, are doing something no other Hollywood couple has done before: They're writing a book about how to stay celibate before marriage.

Actress Meagan Good and husband DeVon Franklin (Getty Images for ELLE/Jeff Vespa)

Good, 32, and Franklin, 35, are both Christians who are sharing their own struggles abstaining from sex in "The Wait."

The two have spoken openly in the past about their successful quest to remain celibate before their June 2012 nuptials, though the book will take their public comments on the subject to new levels.

Franklin, the senior vice president of production for Columbia Pictures, told Sister 2 Sister Magazine last month that he was celibate for 10 years before marrying Good, an actress who has appeared in "Saw V" and "Californication."

Once the two knew they were a match, they said they faced the challenge of maintaining their personal restraint until their wedding day.

"It’s that waiting period where we really get the most anxiety and the most frustration, so we’re gonna be writing a book that will address that, and we believe we’ll be very helpful," Franklin told Sister 2 Sister.

He told Essence Magazine in 2012 that he and Good held one another accountable before their marriage on the abstinence front, as they were both committed to waiting.

"The idea of disrupting that or potentially corrupting the union by doing anything less than honoring our commitment kept us both motivated and committed to keeping each other accountable," he said.

Before their marriage, Good told Life & Style magazine she knew Franklin was right for her because he agreed to wait to be intimate.

"He loves God, more than I love God, so I don't think there's anything wrong (with him)," Good said of Franklin.

The book is expected to hit shelves in 2014.

(H/T: Essence)



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