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Saturday Night Live' Hammers Mayor Rob Ford & '60 Minutes' in Cold Opening


"Boy, I should stop doing press conferences"

(Image source: SNL)

Late night comedy show "Saturday Night Live" hammered Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and CBS' embattled "60 Minutes" in a skit opening last night's program.

The roughly 4-minute sketch featured actor Bobby Moynihan playing ford who appeared on a Canadian news program to discuss his recent drug use and its potential ramifications.

"So what do you have to say to the voters after this tumultuous week?" the reporter asked Ford.

"Hmm ... just that I goofed up, eh," Ford responded.

(Image source: SNL)

The interview then cut to footage showing the mayor cursing at the media and purchasing crack cocaine at press conferences aimed at rehabilitating his image.

"Boy, I should stop doing press conferences," remarked Ford to the reporter, who said he could no longer continue to accept his empty promises.

"I'm going to go on a show where people do believe me and will believe anything I say," Ford then said.

"Mr. Mayor, at this point, what show would possibly believe you?" the reporter asked.

SNL then cut to the iconic "60 Minutes" opening, showing an actress playing reporter Lara Logan introduce Ford as a "patriot, hero, role model."

(Image source: SNL)

She then presented Ford with a series of questions about his past drug use.

"So mayor, once and for all, what is the truth?" Logan asked.

Ford blatantly lied saying he has never used drugs and Logan took him at his word.

Watch the SNL skit:


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