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Heaven Is for Real': First Look at the Movie About a Boy Who Claims He Visited Heaven and Met Jesus


"In heaven, this little girl came up to me. She told me she died in your tummy."

Colton Burpo's harrowing story, as originally told in his father's bestselling book "Heaven Is for Real," will be heading to theaters nationwide on Easter Day 2014 -- and the first trailer for the much-anticipated movie has now been released.

As TheBlaze previously reported, Colton, now 13, claims that he visited heaven during a near-death experience in 2003 when he was just four years old. While in Heaven, the young boy said he saw Jesus and came in contact with relatives who passed away before he was born. 

Conton's story is now being given the Hollywood treatment, with actors Greg Kinnear, who plays Burpo's father, Todd, and Kelly Reilly, who plays Sonja, Colton’s mother, coming together to bring the Christian story to life.

The trailer opens with Colton telling his mother, who once had a miscarriage, that he met his sister in heaven during his near-death experience -- a dialogue that the family claims happened in real life as well.

"In heaven, this little girl came up to me. She told me she died in your tummy," he told his mother.

From there, the video takes viewers through the story. Watch it below:

The "Heaven Is for Real" film was directed by Randall Wallace, the author who wrote the screenplay for “Braveheart” and who directed “We Were Soldiers.”

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