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Mark Levin Goes Off on 'Hateful, Vile, Character Assassinating Outlet' MSNBC: 'Are You Listening, Chrissy Matthews?


"That's what it is. That's what they do."

Conservative radio host Mark Levin speaks at a 'Cut Spending Now' rally at the conservative Americans for Prosperity (AFP) 'Defending the American Dream Summit' in Washington on November 5, 2011. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Conservative radio host Mark Levin, on Monday, blasted the "hateful, vile, character assassinating outlet" that is MSNBC in a monologue sparked by Martin Bashir's grotesque attack on Sarah Palin.

Though Bashir apologized on Monday for suggesting that former Gov. Sarah Palin deserves to have someone defecate in her mouth and urinate in her eyes, Levin expressed shock that few in the mainstream media actually stood up and condemned the attack.

"Well, time will tell, and that is a remarkable statement," Levin began, after airing Bashir's apology in full. "And I hope his colleagues over there at MSLSD are listening. You listening Chrissy Matthews? How about you Scarborough? You're a real piece of work. Lawrence O'Donnell, how about you pal? You listening? Ed Schultz -- talk about a low-life, there he is. And of course [Al] Sharpton. I guarantee you he's not listening."

Levin also hit MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, who he says "dresses up her vitriol in pseudo-intellectualism."

"That MSNBC, ladies and gentlemen, is a hateful, vile, character assassinating outlet. That's what it is. That's what they do," he added. "And it should tell you plenty that the personnel, many of them from MSNBC, cross-pollinate as we like to say, with NBC News."

Listen to the entire segment below via the Daily Rushbo:

Levin also issued a fiery response to Bashir's attack on Palin over the weekend. Real Clear Politics has the audio:


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