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This Is a White House Adviser's Excuse for Why Obama Couldn't Make a Celebration 150 Years in the Making


"Serious question..."

President Barack Obama will not be traveling to Pennsylvania on Tuesday to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, and White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer knows why: He’s trying to fix

Pfeiffer’s comment came in response to National Journal’s Ron Fournier asking why the president chose to skip the commemoration services.

“(W)hy not honor Gettysburg with a presidential visit?” the reporter asked in a tweet.

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“It (didn’t) work schedule-wise,” Pfeiffer tweeted in response.

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“Serious question: What is on his schedule that is more important than Gettysburg anniversary?” Fournier asked.

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“Oh, I don't know, there's this whole website thing that someone suggested might destroy the Dem Party,” Pfeiffer responded.

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So, according to a senior White House adviser, the president’s decision to skip the 150 the anniversary of the Gettysburg address is because he’s busy fixing the broken, error-riddled Obamacare website.

(H/T: Weekly Standard)


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