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After Looking at This Water Slide, It Will Make a Lot of Sense Why Its Name Literally Translates to 'Insane


"...this will attract those adrenaline junkies..."

This water slide being constructed in Kansas City is already claiming that it will be the world's tallest when it's officially unveiled in 2014. (Image source: Vimeo)

If you want to ride on what's being billed as the "world's tallest" water slide, you'll need to climb 264 steps first.

verruckt This water slide under construction in Kansas City, Kan., is already claiming that it will be the world's tallest when it's officially unveiled in 2014. (Image source: Vimeo)

And while your thighs might be burning from the ascent, sliding more than 65 miles per hour to the bottom of the slide under construction in a Kansas City, Kan., water park won't burn your behind because it's -- luckily -- a raft ride.

Still, the 17-story water slide that will be a new feature at Schlitterbahn water park is so crazy, it's name -- Verrückt -- means "insane" in German.

verruckt A top-down look at Verruct. (Image source: Vimeo)

“We have always been family friendly, but this will attract those adrenaline junkies who are always looking for that next biggest, coolest thrill,” Layne Pitcher, Schlitterbahn director of marketing and sales, told the Kansas City Star.

But will it break a world record? WDAF-TV reported the current record holder for "World’s Tallest Water Slide" is Kilimanjaro at Aguas Quentes Country Club in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, standing at 137.5 feet. Schlitterbahn is keeping quiet about Verrückt's height until its official unveiling.

verruckt The ride is expected to go faster than 65 miles per hour, but Schlitterbahn isn't letting anyone in on the official speed or height of the water slide just yet. (Image source: Vimeo)

For riders who might be wary of tackling the slide -- perhaps those who have shell-shocked memories from frequenting New Jersey's Action Park in its prime -- Pitcher told the Star that it will undergo thorough testing.

“Safety is paramount to us,” Pitcher told the newspaper. “We want to provide a thrilling ride, but safety comes first.”

Watch this promotional video previewing the ride:

If you can't wait for the park to re-open for the season on May 23, you can keep up with the ride's construction on the Schlitter Blog.

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