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Limbaugh on Bashir: MSNBC full of 'most despicable human beings

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On his radio show Tuesday conservative talker Rush Limbaugh went after Martin Bashir and his employers at MSNBC for comments Bashir made last week about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R)

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"I don't know how he's still there," Limbaugh said. "The fact that people at MSNBC didn't find that reprehensible in any way and let that stand... Nobody at that network apparently had a problem with it because they let it go on [without retraction over the weekend] and then for that to just be mitigated with an apology. These people are just... These are some of the lowest -- particularly at that network -- some of the most despicable human beings."

Bashir apologized Monday for his commentary on Palin, wherein he suggested someone should defecate in her mouth for a speech she gave comparing the federal debt to slavery.

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