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Who Really Killed President John F. Kennedy? Glenn Beck Hears Both Sides of an Explosive Theory


"I actually tie Lyndon Johnson to eight murders prior to JFK."

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Who really killed President John F. Kennedy? Though the widely-accepted answer is Lee Harvey Oswald, conspiracy theories have abounded for decades.

According to author Vincent Bugliosi, "42 groups, 82 assassins and 214 people" have been accused of having a hand in the assassination.

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On the Glenn Beck Program Wednesday, Beck spoke with two men who hold wildly different views of how the event took place -- one who believes former president Lyndon B. Johnson orchestrated the killing of JFK, and one who believes all the conspiracy theories represent "a giant mirror that we hold up to our own psyche," revealing our own fears and enemies.

Beck made it clear that he doesn't agree with the former, but said he agreed to hear what Roger Stone had to say because many have vouched for him. And Stone held no punches throughout the interview, beginning with the explosive charge that Kennedy's was not the only murder LBJ had a hand in.

"I actually tie Lyndon Johnson to eight murders prior to JFK," Stone remarked. "Murders to cover up ... corruption of biblical proportions. Murder to cover up the theft of his first term in the U.S. Senate...Lyndon Johnson was a coarse, loudmouthed bully. He was a crude, nasty vindictive manic depressive. Someone given to deep depressions and wild outbursts of temper, but more importantly, he was greedy; he was corrupt; and he was ambitious. And in November of 1963, he was a man staring into the abyss."

Stone said at the time of JFK's assassination, two major scandals threatened LBJ's place on the ticket in 1964 that would have led to "political ruin" and possibly "prison."

The well-known political consultant, who worked with former President Richard Nixon, also claims that Nixon first began to doubt Americans were getting the complete truth when he saw Jack Ruby "blow away" Oswald.

According to Stone, then-Congressman Lyndon Johnson had previously asked then-Congressman Richard Nixon to hire Ruby as a "part-time informant" for the House Un-American Activities Committee, and knew him as a "Johnson man."

Stone also asserted that a memo from J. Edgar Hoover to Lyndon B. Johnson was declassified in 1996, and it said that the KGB had conducted their own investigation into the assassination and concluded that Johnson was the killer. Stone added that Jacqueline Kennedy also asked the French to investigate her husband's death, and they reached a similar conclusion.

"I think there's actual evidence ... not just a theory," Stone said.

Watch the complete segment, which also includes more on who Stone believes the actual gunman was, below:

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But Beck also spoke with Brad Meltzer, author of "History Decoded: The 10 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time," who agrees that history has been changed - but not in the way Stone sees it.

Rather than asking whether Lee Harvey Oswald was actually the assassin, Meltzer wants to know things like what Oswald was doing for "two years in Russia unaccounted for."

"One of the problems we have," Meltzer explained, "when the Warren Commission first examined everything, the Kennedy family demanded utter secrecy."

In his opinion, the conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy assassination are actually a "giant mirror that we hold up to our own psyche".

He noted that in the 1960's many believed the communists or "rich Texas millionaires" were responsible, in the 1970's some thought the CIA had orchestrated the assassination, and in the 1980's many blamed the mafia.

"Decade by decade, if you want to know 'who killed JFK,' it is whoever America is most afraid of at the time," Meltzer said. "To me the legacy of the JFK assassination is simply this - he's the president who took so many people, and Americans all around, to heights of hope, and in his death reveals our greatest fears...Every conspiracy throughout history reveals our own fears."

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