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‘You're Fake Important and You Stink!’: Texas Woman Goes Off on Coworkers, Cats and Beyonce in Bizarre Resignation Letter


A Texas woman who left her position this month as an associate auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers chose to resign in a rather unorthodox manner.

The woman who wrote the email has chosen to go by the name "Glory" (Image source: YouTube)

The woman, who goes by “Glory” according to Yahoo! Shine, chose to resign via a long-winded and semi-literate email full of pop culture references, the pound symbol (i.e. the “#” symbol), and pent-up anger directed at her coworkers and her employer.

“(Y)ou're fake important and you stink. I've peeped your game...constantly trying to throw me under the bus,” Glory wrote to an unnamed coworker in the email, which Yahoo! and the Daily Mail both say is 100 percent authentic.

She directed her anger at another coworker: “I can give two s---s about your animals, maids, brother, etc. Is your life really that boring."

The letter continues in that vein for quite some time until she eventually hits on the topic of singer Beyoncé – and then it goes on and on and on.

“Beyonce has continued to get better and better over time. Her vocals are stronger than ever. Not to mention, after popping out Baby Blue she was back at it. She didn't get all washed up and boring like Britt did,” the email reads. “Beyonce killed the Superbowl half time show solo dolo. Britt and NSYNC did that back in the 90s...but that was the 90s...and she wasn't solo Bey wins!”

"Beyonce can dance her butt off. She has rythym (sic). Britt used to be able to ...but she is stiff now. I'm sorry,” it adds.

Well OK then. Tell us how you really feel.

You can read Glory’s email here (names have been redacted):


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