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Hunter Shoots Deer -- 63 Seconds Later, Video Shows Him Getting the Absolute Scare of a Lifetime!


"I knew it wasnt dead..."

(Source: YouTube screen shot)

A hunter climbed down from his tree stand and trekked a couple hundred feet to claim his prize -- a deer.

But as he approached it, he noticed that it appeared to still be breathing. The deer's mouth was open and the leaves around it appeared somewhat bloody.

deer The footage records the hunter saying he thought the deer was still breathing. (Image source: YouTube)

Taking a step closer and giving the deer's leg a little kick -- bam! -- the deer's eyes opened and within an instant it was on its feet running, scaring the heck out of the hunter. The hunter ends up screaming like a little child.

deer Even if the scene was recreated with computer graphics imagery, it's startling none the less. (Image source: YouTube)

"I knew it wasn't dead and I knew it was not faking," the YouTube user, Nick Faber, who posted the video last week wrote.

But in an age when computer graphics imagery could be used to create such a scene, we have to question if the footage is real.

Watch the starling video (Content warning: strong language):

Fake or not, it's not the first time a deer thought dead has startled humans. A Michigan man earlier this year put a deer he hit in the back of his truck to process it for meat. With a police car's dashcam running, the deer, at one point during the questioning of the man, sprang up out of the truck.

And as Deputy Managing Editor Jon Seidl explained to me, as an experienced hunter himself, after shooting any animal -- especially a large one -- it's proper practice to wait a good amount of time (30 minutes or so) before investigating the shot. Why? So that you don't startle it and chase it away before it expires. So this type of thing does happen.

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