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You Did What?': Police Amazed at Woman Who Took Matters Into Her Own Hands After Her Car Was Stolen


The car thieves “had fresh air fresheners, blunt rappers, bags of weed..."


A Massachusetts woman who refused to be a victim after her car was stolen decided to take matters into her own hands.

Lisa Paulson and her sister found her stolen car after catching a lucky break with a GPS unit (Image source: WFXT-TV).

Lisa Paulson said she noticed her car was missing Tuesday morning and immediately reported it to the police, WFXT-TV in Boston reported. However, she was told by authorities that not much could be done until the car resurfaced.

"I was really frustrated it was like, ‘OK, either it will turn up or it won't," Paulson said.

Momentarily defeated, she called E-ZPass, a service used to pay tolls, to have her account suspended temporarily. But during the call, an E-ZPass representative told her the car had been used recently on a nearby bridge.

That’s when things started coming together.

A woman called Paulson and told her some of her belongings were scattered around a street in Chelsea, Massachusetts. When Lisa went to retrieve her things, she found a GPS unit that wasn’t hers – and it was loaded with data regarding her car’s whereabouts.

"The GPS said it had been on these two particular streets in Chelsea," Paulson said.

So Paulson and her sister went to one of the streets and walked up and down hitting the “panic” button on the car remote until they caught a lucky break.

"A half-hour later (my sister) called me like a maniac and said, ‘I'm in your car, what do you want me to do?' I said, ‘Bring it to the Winthrop police,'" Paulson said.

Local law enforcement officials of course told Paulson and her sister that they shouldn’t have retrieved the car and should have instead called the police and let them handle it.

"You did what?" a police officer reportedly said after Paulson called. "I think you're in the wrong profession."

"Honestly, neither of us had even thought about it. I was just like, ‘Oh my God! You got my car back, that's awesome!'" Paulson said.

There was minor damage to the car, but Paulson said she doesn't care. She was just happy to have it back.

The car thieves “had fresh air fresheners, blunt rappers, bags of weed, iPhone wires. They planned on keeping it,” she said, adding, "my sister's awesome!"


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