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‘This Is a Robbery’: What This Brave Store Clerk Said Next Sent Two Thugs Running for Their Lives


"I looked at his gun and said..."

Source: KATU-TV

When two thugs attempted to rob a Seattle store clerk on Saturday night, they were almost certainly stunned by what their would-be victim said as they pointed a gun in his face.

"I have a bigger one than you do," Robert Moore reportedly told the unsuccessful robbers.

Screengrab: KATU-TV

The incident occurred at around 10 p.m. on Saturday night as Moore was checking out a customer at the Morning Star Mini Mart in Seattle. He saw one man stay near the entrance of the store while another man went up to the counter, pulled out his gun and tried to rob the store.

"This is a robbery," the man said.

Believing his gun looked like it could be fake, Moore bravely stood up to the would-be robber, according to KATU-TV.

"I looked at his gun and said, 'I have a bigger one than you do."

Source: KATU-TV

Source: KATU-TV

As the store clerk reached for his gun, the two suspects ran away scared and took off in a white SUV. Police were unable to locate the suspects following the robbery attempt. It is unclear whether or not the suspect's gun was real or fake.

"It's a shame when people get desperate like that," Moore told KATU-TV.


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