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Glenn Beck Brings an Unusual Prop to Bill O'Reilly Interview


Glenn Beck appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" Monday to discuss his latest book, "Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America." At one point during the interview Beck even pulled out a rifle used at Wounded Knee to illustrate his point.

"This is an original -- this is one of only seven guns that was taken, this one was taken from Sitting Eagle at the ... Wounded Knee battle. And when you really see what happened there - this was buried. This was absolutely buried. And our own military, they lied in court and then we tried to cover it up by giving everybody medals. It really needs to be exposed so we can say, 'Look, these things were bad, now let's learn from it so we can come back.'"

Politico's Lucy McCalmont wrote that O’Reilly "had no reaction to Beck holding the gun, instead praising him for his work."

You can watch the exchange below, courtesy of Fox News:

Beck later said that throughout "Miracles and Massacres," he and his team tried to make history entertaining so that people "will actually read it" and "live it in the way it should be lived."

"Because if you don't know both the miracles and the massacres of America - if you're missing one half of it -- you'll never be able to preserve it," he asserted. "If our kids just go out and think America is perfect, they'll never be able to defend it. If they only think that it's a massacre, they'll never see the miracle and they'll never want to defend it. So it's the two of them, coming together."

Beck and O'Reilly joked about their competing historical novels, the Fox News host describing Beck as "the watchdog of history along with me and (Brian) Kilmeade."

Beck proceeded to hold up yet another historical artifact, saying: “Bedsheets from Abraham Lincoln. You may have the book -- I have the bedsheet."

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