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Brad Thor Has a New Gun Product That Could Be the Perfect Christmas Gift for the Concealed Carry Permit Holder -- or Secret Agent -- in Your Life


"It's about Americans taking responsibility for themselves -- and you know you are going to look great doing it."

Brad Thor (

New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor has conquered the publishing world with his gripping, heart-pounding stories centered around Scot Harvath, an ex-Navy SEAL turned black ops counterterrorism agent.

Now he's expanding his horizons and entering the clothing business.

Before you get any ideas, we aren't talking about skinny jeans and V-neck sweaters. We're talking about a must-have piece of clothing that allows you to comfortably carry a concealed handgun, iPad, and even a sleeve knife.

Yes, if Scot Harvath wanted to be prepared for the stickiest of situations, he'd probably wear the Brad Thor Alpha Jacket from SCOTTEVEST.


Though it's not an all-encompassing list, SCOTTEVEST provides the "need to know" features of the Alpha Jacket:

  • Stealth Exterior: Jacket exterior is made from a quiet (not crunchy) softshell in a dark gray, IR-signature reducing matte finish that blends into shadows.
  • Covert Styling: Exterior pockets and panels are designed to be subtle and not print as a tactical-styled jacket. Removable exterior branding completes the slick exterior look.
  • Rapid Access Panels (RAPs): The RAPs provide access to a mid-layer of pocketing without needing to unzip the jacket. They are completely ambidextrous, and are also pockets themselves, sized to carry an iPad or even a laptop. These cavernous pocket panels can be used as a dump pouch for mag changes or even for evidence collection or foraging in a survival/wilderness E&E situation. The lower 2/3 of the panel interiors are lined with tricot (non-crunchy soft side loop material as on the interior of camera bags) for attaching hook-side accessories like holsters, mag holders and pouches. These panels are the heart of your CCW pocket system and provide flexibility to customize how you carry gear based upon your mission. Read the Operator Manual for holster suggestions and gear ideas.
  • Sleeve Dagger Pockets: Taking a page from the OSS, long, narrow, tricot-lined pockets are concealed on the inner wrist of each sleeve to hold a sleeve dagger like the Benchmade SOCP. They also hold small flashlights, pens and similarly-sized items.
  • Hidden Tech Features: There is an interior clear touch cell phone pocket so you can see your touchscreen phone (and use it) through the clear material without removing it from your pocket. All pockets include SeV's patented Personal Area Network (PAN) to route wires for power or communications from any pocket to any other pocket.
  • RFID-blocking Pocket: The jacket contains one secure travel documents pocket with a color-coded large locking zipper. This RFID-blocking interior pocket is sized to hold a passport and wallet and constitutes a strong first line of defense against RFID skimming tech attacks. Check out the Operator Manual for more details about the RFID pocket (page 5). If you want full-spectrum electronic signal blocking, check out the ShieldSak, which can even take your phone off-grid.
  • Warmth The Alpha Jacket is designed for use in "chilly" weather down to cold weather. While warmth is ultimately subjective, our warmth chart shows about where we think it falls on the spectrum.
  • Water-repellence The exterior is 100% poly softshell material. The Alpha is not designated as "waterproof" because it does not have sealed seams, but the material itself is very water resistant. It has a TPU membrane, which prevents water from soaking in to reach you even if the exterior gets wet. We tested this during a freak torrential rain/hail storm at our headquarters in Idaho in September, 2013 when we ran outside in the Alpha for 5 minutes. Some rain soaked into the outer shell, but not a drop made it inside.


Still not sold? Watch the tactical jacket in action.

The Sleeve Knife

Concealed Carry Made Easy

Ideal for Quick Draw

ITS Tactical Velcro Holster

Knife Inverted

Look How Easy

Tactical Pen Compliance Sleeve

Water Splash

Weapon Retnetion IWB Sleeve Knife

In an exclusive interview with TheBlaze, Thor said the jacket is about more than just looking good. After much consideration, he decided to team up with SCOTTEVEST to put out a product that would help Americans be prepared to defend themselves and their families.

In the candid phone interview, Thor also told TheBlaze that, for a responsible gun owner, carrying a concealed firearm is a "pain in the ass."

"I'm an everyday carry guy," he said. "Anyone who carries everyday will tell you it's a pain in the ass. You're limited in the ways you can carry, based on what's out there. I noticed there was a hole in the market, and I said, 'This needs to exist.'"

Now Thor has his name on the hottest, fastest selling item in SCOTTEVEST's history.

Brad Thor (

"This is the beginning of me opening up a brand knew area that I am calling, 'Everyday Ready.' I've talked to Glenn (Beck) about preparedness and 'Everyday Ready' incorporates a bunch of different things. But this jacket is our first foray into the idea," Thor said.

"It's about Americans taking responsibility for themselves -- and you know you are going to look great doing it," he added.

The author agreed that if his main character, Scot Harvath, were to wear a tactical jacket, it would be the Alpha Jacket.


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